you are home

CD cover of "you are home"

released 2005

Zen-Men - You Are Home

MP3 pre-listen:
hold me feat. Fabian Posca (Ambient mix)
day by day feat. Isgaard (Original mix), [Lyrics]
tribal mind walk
by my side feat. Lee Youngme (Ambient mix)
da qua di feat. Khoi
I fly by feat. Nienna Arien, [Lyrics]
birds on sunrise
photonic piano waves
I am home feat. DJ Jondal (Dope beat mix), [Lyrics]
day by day feat. Isgaard (Reprise)
I am here feat. Nienna Arien, [Lyrics]

5 thoughts on “you are home

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    1. Chris Post author

      Hi there! The vocals on “I fly by” from ZEN-MEN are by a fairy-like human being called Nienna Arien, right. Do you like the vocals?

  2. marcos alves

    gosto demais de todos as musicais, mas também desejaria ter fotos da nienna arien, é linda demais.

  3. marcos alves

    gosto de todas as musicais, deixa-me muito relaxado, mas queria obter fotos da nienna arien é linda.


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