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Hang On

Finally, in February 2022 the 8th ZEN-MEN album “hang on” was released. It offers you pure relaxation, a walk at the beach, powerful beats, inspiration, lovely voices, maybe some tearful eyes and prayers from India.

An evocative jaunt for the body, mind, and spirit!


If you want to learn more about the creation of the album and get additional details about the tracks, I wrote a tiny micro-book for you.


Hope it’s useful for you — namaste 🙂

Cover of "Hang On" by ZEN-MEN in 2022
  1. Into Zen
  2. A La Plage Feat. Takako Sato
  3. This Beat Is for You Feat. Takako Sato & MG
  4. Above Clouds
  5. Wolkenstrand Feat. Sheveda
  6. I Believe in We Feat. TMOM
  7. I Woke up in a Dream Feat. Vicki
  8. Wamadu Feat. XK3
  9. Space-Filler Feat. Julia
  10. Mellow-Me
  11. Back-To-Center Feat. Jinu

Rue Lepic

“Rue Lepic” is the 7th ZEN-MEN album and was released in 2010.

Cover of "Rue Lepic" by ZEN-MEN in 2022
  1. Le petit fleur feat. Florent et Aurelie
  2. Fractal7
  3. Live your dream feat. DJ Jondal
  4. Obsession feat. Aurora Metaluna (the Yang mix)
  5. Pentatonik1
  6. Rolling waves feat. Amanda Watt
  7. Sitar25 feat. Paul Baekelandt
  8. Timeless
  9. I am free feat. Tom Freeman
  10. Stillness
  11. Postcard to afterlife feat. Gaby Schenke
  12. Le petit fleur (Piano playing loose mix)


Again a special ZEN-MEN production also released in 2010. ZEN-MEN Medi-X Power-Nap/ Sleep-In are chillaxing 15 minutes for your ears and your mind. They are available in different languages and always come in male and female version for you to choose.

The audio journey includes a special brain tones sequence morphed into the chillout music to maximize possible relaxation and recreation. Tibetan bowls will wake you up again in ZEN style.

The Sleep-In version of the Power-Nap does NOT wake you up again! It’s designed to provide you with a smooth transition into dreamland. Bonne nuit!

CD cover or the English Power-Naps by ZEN-MEN

Medi-X Videos vol. 01

This special ZEN-MEN production was released in 2010. Medi-X videos are chillaxing for eyes and ears. These modern short meditations help you to focus whilst you enjoy mini breaks during the day. Experience the here and now and create refreshing moments for your brain and your being.

All 12 full versions of vol. 01 are in high quality and have a length of 5 minutes each.

Audio from: Medi-X vol.001+101
Video locations: Mauritius, South of France, Finland

Video album cover of Medi-X Videos vol.01

Medi-X vol. 001 and 101

In 2008 the 5th and 6th ZEN-MEN albums “Medi-X vol.001 and 101” were released.

After years of preparation and research, deep insights into the Solar System surrounding Planet Earth, the first Volume of the series “Medi-X” by ZEN-MEN was created in 2008.

All 12 tracks contain frequencies of the Earth’s magnetic field. Harmonics, Tempi and more are according to the movements of the planets in the solar system. Each instrument has been carefully fine tuned to an old tuning/ scaling system which was still in “sync” with the measurable cosmic rules/ movements.
The title lengths are 5:00 minutes exactly and can be used as a clock replacement or enhancement in a therapeutic environment. A whole Volume of „Medi-X” has an exact running time of one hour.

CD Cover of Medi-X vol.001 by ZEN-MEN

The Ear, a highly specialised Media (Latin: medium = middle, middle point), transmits the perceptions of the outside world into the high speed network of the central nervous system (CNS). The connection of the transmission of sound AND equilibrium (balance) information by the vestibulocochlear nerve (also known as the auditory or acoustic nerve) can make us “listen up”. One could name music also as an electric power generator, in the truest sense of the word. Sound waves float through the fluid-filled spiral organ (cochlea) of the inner ear – the excited nerve cells convert the received signals into electrical impulses. Music perception is one of the most demanding activities for the brain. The analysis of rhythm, melodies and harmonies require a lot of “processing power” to make music out of it. The simultaneous search and presentation of experiences, emotions – in connection to the music – as the subjective evaluation of the heard, is done automatically. New nerve connections can arise, known to be strengthened. Music, a neural fireworks.

“We are all instruments endowed with feeling and memory. Our senses are so many strings that are struck by surrounding objects and that also frequently strike themselves.” written by Denis Diderot, French philosopher in the year 1769.
Musical sounds produce fine vibrations which travel as wave movements through the body and can reach the cellular level. Physical and psychological tensions can be eased, harmonic music helps to release tension and can stimulate the brain to set body internal neurotransmitters free. Bringing the brain to its “alpha” state is possible – relaxation exercises and meditation are known to produce those brain waves from about 8 to 12 Hz.

CD cover of Medi-X vol.101 by ZEN-MEN

Research in the Chrono medicine show the importance of the “internal clock”. The rhythm of the internal clock (suprachiasmatic nucleus/ SCN) can be influenced positively by the heard music. Revitalizing resonance phenomena can arise in the body, it becomes possible to re-harmonize the body/ biological rhythm. The rhythm of breathing and sleeping, recovery phases of the body can be re-adjusted.

“Form follows function” – a recognition of the architect Louis Sullivan in 1896. ZEN-MEN – as sound architects – construct Medi-X as a “feedback loop”, a self-regulated cycle of stimulation (music) and response (human).

Vol.101: Ambient version of Vol.001, soft to minimal rhythm
Applications Vol.001:
e.g.: Cardio/ Ergometer Training, Wellness workout, Power Yoga, etc
Applications Vol.101:
e.g.: SPA, Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, etc


Over the years, several friends were asking me, if I can make music, which suits the Christmas holidays and is relaxing at the same time. In 2006 the fourth ZEN-MEN album “2512-Christmas” was released

CD Cover 2512-Christmas
  1. Silent Night (short mix)
  2. Ihr Kinderlein kommet
  3. O little town of Bethlehem
  4. O Holy Night
  5. Kling Gloeckchen klingelingeling
  6. The First Noël
  7. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  8. Jingle Bells
  9. Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
  10. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  11. Silent Night (Long version)


This third special ZEN-MEN production was released in 2006. AlphawaveZ is a 45 minutes journey for the human brain. The so-called Alpha waves have a frequency range from approximately 8 to 12Hz. Since the 1970s the knowledge about our brain waves has been REdiscovered and made public in the western hemisphere. The New Age movement called it Bio- or Neurofeedback, the eastern hemisphere already knew about it for a long time – Alpha waves can increase while practising Yoga or ZEN.
These brainwaves are known for calming down, relaxing, building a bridge between conscious- and unconsciousness, healing and balancing the mind-body connection. AlphawaveZ contains tone-sweeps, so called “sirens”. These sirens allow the human brain to extract missing frequencies; it is known that high-frequency content REloads the human brain with energy. Birdsong at sunrise is a good example…
As AlphawaveZ contains a huge frequency range, we recommend that it should be listened to with high quality headphones or on a full range system. Enjoy the walk on your unique path to your true source of life. Allow your higher-self to REmind you where you come from and why you are reading this characters. It was *you* who wrote this letter to yourself.
~nada brahma~

CD cover AlphawaveZ by ZEN-MEN
  1. AlphawaveZ
  2. I am home feat. DJ Jondal (Ambient mix)
  3. Day by day feat. Isgaard (Fullmoon mix)

You are Home

The second ZEN-MEN album “you are home” was released in 2005.

CD cover of "you are home"
  1. Hold me feat. Fabian Posca (Ambient mix)
  2. Day by day feat. Isgaard (Original mix)
  3. Tribal mind walk
  4. Earthborne
  5. By my side feat. Lee Youngme (Ambient mix)
  6. Da qua di feat. Khoi
  7. I fly by feat. Nienna Arien
  8. Birds on sunrise
  9. Photonic piano waves
  10. I am home feat. DJ Jondal (Dope beat mix)
  11. Day by day feat. Isgaard (Reprise)
  12. I am here feat. Nienna Arien

Men from Mars

The first ZEN-MEN album “men from mars” was released in 1997.

The CD cover of "men from mars"
  1. Transformation
  2. Al – sufi 970
  3. El fuego (Tao Te King mix)
  4. 61 cygni
  5. Xenopus
  6. Une table à trois feat. Caroline
  7. Ju ju zara
  8. Tlalok
  9. Sand.hand.land

Selection of other special ZEN-MEN productions

Selection of compilations with ZEN-MEN songs

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  1. Bart Chiessino says:

    How can I get “Sunset Islands” by Zen Men?

    Thank you

    1. Chris says:

      Hello Bart,

      there is no ZEN-MEN track called “Sunset Islands”. Where did you listen to it?


  2. Tom says:

    Hi, I also heard “Sunset Islands” by ZEN-MEN on iTunes radio station ABC Lounge, I think. I don’t see online or on iTunes any song by that name…

    1. Chris says:

      There is still no ZEN-MEN track called “sunset islands”. Maybe a database mismatch somewhere out there in the world wide web… 🙂


    1. Chris says:

      Hey Sergio, this track name does not sound familiar to me. Hope you find, what you are looking for 🙂 namaste

  3. Sherif says:

    Hi! I’m trying to identify the last hidden track for zen-men on Klassik Lounge Werk 2 (mixed by DJ Jondal) right after track 13 on CD2 (Jojo Watz – The Return Of The Spacechild).

    Any help? Thanks

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Sherif, thanks for your message and sorry for the delay. When I find time to dig into the archives, I will listen to Werk 2 again – most probably it was a special production of ZEN-MEN not available anywhere else. Hope this helps for now — namaste 🙂


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