5 thoughts on “Power-Nap in Full HD

  1. Jamilah Rossini

    simply awesome sweetie…my mind is so relax at the moment and i’m ready for whatever is ahead….smiles =^.~=

  2. yann

    i heard a song called “el fuego” and i didn’t know who was responsible for such an amazing sound, and i found “zen-men” i guess it’s you? if it is, let me tell you that your music is the reflection of my mind and i feel like i’m home when i’m listening to it. This one is awsome too, i have to look out and try to find every songs you recorded.

    1. Chris Post author

      Hello Dave,

      no, ZEN-MEN is not behind that site but it looks interesting anyhow! Thanks for the heads-up 🙂



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