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Music in Educational Swiss Movie

Logo der Landrat

Der Landrat

The swiss canton Basel-Land released a new educational movie “Der Landrat”. The musical background in the whole movie is the ZEN-MEN track “El fuego (Tao Te King mix)”. RingierTV was responsible for the production.

Der Schweizer Kanton Basel-Land veröffentlichte einen neuen Lehrfilm “Der Landrat”. Den musikalischen Hintergrund bildet der ZEN-MEN Titel “El fuego (Tao Te King mix)”. RingierTV war für die Produktion verantwortlich.

Link: Film-Trailer “Der Landrat”

Medi-X videos

Medi-X videos by ZEN-MEN

Medi-X videos by ZEN-MEN

ZEN-MEN Medi-X videos are chillaxing for eyes and ears.

These short meditations help you to focus whilst you enjoy mini breaks during the day. Experience the here and now and create refreshing moments for your brain and your being. The full versions are in higher quality and have a length of 5 minutes. They come without the watermark in the upper left corner.

Its planned to release the full versions via iTunes 2009/2010.
In the meantime enjoy the beautiful music of ZEN-MEN and find more information about the Medi-X project here:
Medi-X by ZEN-MEN

The first 6 web previews are online at YouTube, six more will come in the next weeks.

Audios: tracks from Medi-X by ZEN-MEN vol.001 and vol.101
Video locations: Finland, South of France, Mauritius/ Maurice

– Medi-X videos at YouTube
– ZEN-MEN bei iTunes

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JPF Music Awards 2009 Nominee

The 2009 Music Awards by JPF

JPF 2009 nominee

Indianapolis, IN, USA- World’s Largest Music Awards Announces 2009 Nominations

Grassroots Music Organization Just Plain Folks (JPF) has announced their nominees for the 2009 edition of their music awards. After receiving a record setting 42,000 albums and over a half million songs from 163 countries around the world, the organization’s staff and team of volunteers filtered the music down to both song and album nominees in 95 genres of music. This years nominees come from over 80 different countries around the world.

ZEN-MEN are nominated with “2512-Christmas” in the category Holiday Albums.
The musical work of ZEN-MEN has been audible work since 1995. Buddha Bar, Café abstrait, SpaceNight, Klassik Lounge, Klassik Radio; productions for and with DJ Jondal, Porsche Design, Westin; special productions for ligne roset, Life Ball, …
„2512-Christmas“ was created after many requests for a „slightly different“ Christmas album. ZEN-MEN carefully combined a harmonic selection of traditional German and international melodies. The new instrumental versions sometimes keep their traditional origin secret for a while… The high quality approach of ZEN-MEN productions brings in this album the professional, female, French Sax player Gaby Schenke, Akis, a studio guitarist from London and more fine audio ingredients. Musical relaxation in soundscapes of Lounge, Jazz, Ambient and Chillout – Balm for the Soul.
More information and inspiration at:

– ZEN-MEN at

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