JPF Music Awards 2009 Nominee

The 2009 Music Awards by JPF
JPF 2009 nominee

Indianapolis, IN, USA- World’s Largest Music Awards Announces 2009 Nominations

Grassroots Music Organization Just Plain Folks (JPF) has announced their nominees for the 2009 edition of their music awards. After receiving a record setting 42,000 albums and over a half million songs from 163 countries around the world, the organization’s staff and team of volunteers filtered the music down to both song and album nominees in 95 genres of music. This years nominees come from over 80 different countries around the world.

ZEN-MEN are nominated with “2512-Christmas” in the category Holiday Albums.
The musical work of ZEN-MEN has been audible work since 1995. Buddha Bar, Café abstrait, SpaceNight, Klassik Lounge, Klassik Radio; productions for and with DJ Jondal, Porsche Design, Westin; special productions for ligne roset, Life Ball, …
„2512-Christmas“ was created after many requests for a „slightly different“ Christmas album. ZEN-MEN carefully combined a harmonic selection of traditional German and international melodies. The new instrumental versions sometimes keep their traditional origin secret for a while… The high quality approach of ZEN-MEN productions brings in this album the professional, female, French Sax player Gaby Schenke, Akis, a studio guitarist from London and more fine audio ingredients. Musical relaxation in soundscapes of Lounge, Jazz, Ambient and Chillout – Balm for the Soul.
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It all started as a friendly effort to recognize some independent artists who made great music which had been overlooked by the mainstream media. Organization founder Brian Austin Whitney quickly realized there was a big empty gap and need in the world of music to recognize more than just the top commercial sellers. “We were getting amazing albums from unknown musicians and composers that screamed out for attention.” He continues “Whereas larger televised awards are well suited to recognize music’s most popular and commercially successful recordings, we felt we could fill the need to recognize the music made by the other 98% of the world.” Whitney added “all the music that is judged is actually listened to in each round. Most awards, including the most famous, simply hand out a list of names and say ‘vote’ so it’s based more on fame and name recognition than it is on their actual music.”

The organization spent 14 months from the initial entry date to screen all the music and narrow down the field. JPF uses a unique mix of judges that come from the music industry, fellow artist and songwriter peers and music fans. “We feel that those groups mixed together make for a balanced and compelling process which identifies a lot of music that any one group might miss.”

Smaller genres are treated with the same respect as their large mainstream counterparts and often new trends in music show up long before the mainstream music industry notices. “We’ve also found some amazing talent years before a wider audience catches on” says the groups Project Director Linda Berger. “It’s really gratifying finding new talent, but we also love it when we can recognize established artists who are still making music that moves us even if they don’t lead the current day commercial marketplace.”

So what is the criterion for judging all this music? “One simple question: Does the music move you?” Whitney explains. “I was an active musician, songwriter and most importantly music lover myself before starting this and when I went to write the instructions for our first awards process back in 1998, it occurred to me that people often use strict and rigid measuring sticks to judge music. That seemed unnatural to me. People listen to and love music that moves them. It doesn’t matter if it was recorded by a world class superstar in a million dollar studio or by an unknown songwriter with a laptop and a microphone in their bedroom. There are no actual rules for why music moves people and you can’t build a formula around it though industry always tries. It either moves people or it doesn’t. Our awards process focuses on finding music that moves people collectively from all walks of life.” Whitney goes on “what better way to motivate these great artists and writers to do more great work than to recognize their music not for how many units they sold or who they are dating on the Hollywood hot-list, but for how it can bring a tear, cause a giggle, make someone’s jaw drop open, get them dancing out of their seats or simply make someone feel connected with the universe. We’ve found music from around the world that does all those things. We’re just happy to share it with the world through our awards and give these creators a sincere nudge of support.”

The 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards show will take place in Nashville, TN on August 29th, 2009 at the Wildhorse Saloon. Winners will be announced live at the show and then posted on the website the next day. For a complete listing of this year’s nominees and more information, please visit .

About Just Plain Folks: JPF was founded in 1998 with 60 members and has grown to over 50,000 members worldwide. The organization supports grassroots songwriters and musicians through networking, education, promotional support and a friendly nudge when needed. Membership is free as are their local chapters, showcases and workshops in cities around the world. Visit their site for more information:

Deutsche Übersetzung
Die “Grassroots” Musik Organisation “Just Plain Folks (JPF)” hat seine Nominierungen für die 2009 Musikpreis Verleihungen bekannt gegeben. Nach dem Rekordeingang von 42.000 Alben und über eine halbe Million Songs aus 163 Ländern weltweit, haben das Organisationsteam und ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiter die Song und Album Nominierungen in 95 Genres aus der gesamten Musik heraus gefiltert. Die diesjährigen Nominierten kommen aus über 80 verschiedenen Ländern der Erde.

ZEN-MEN sind nominiert mit “2512-Christmas” in der Kategorie “Holiday Albums”.
Seit 1995 sind ZEN-MEN mit ihren musikalischen Werken weltweit hörbar. Buddha Bar, Café abstrait, SpaceNight, Klassik Lounge, Klassik Radio; Produktionen für und mit DJ Jondal, Porsche Design, Westin; spezielle Produktionen für ligne roset, Life Ball, …
Mit „2512-Christmas“ ist auf vielfachen Wunsch ein etwas anderes Weihnachtsalbum entstanden. ZEN-MEN legten dabei sehr viel Wert auf eine harmonische Zusammenstellung von traditionellen deutschen und internationalen Melodien. Die instrumentalen Neuinterpretationen aller Titel geben nicht immer sofort ihren traditionellen Ursprung preis. Der stets hohe Qualitätsanspruch von ZEN-MEN Produktionen findet sich auch hier wieder, Profi Saxophonistin Gaby Schenke aus Frankreich, Akis, Studiogitarrist in London und weitere audioelle Finessen verfeinern diese Werke.
Musikalische Entspannung in Klangwelten von Lounge, Jazz, Ambient und Chillout – Balsam für die Seele.
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