CD cover or the English Power-Naps by ZEN-MEN
released 2010

Power-Naps English Medi-X vol.201 - Zen-Men

MP3 listen:
[wpaudio url=”http://www.zen-men.de/M/ZEN-MEN_-_Power-Nap_201_English_Female.mp3″ text=” Power-Nap_201 English Female” dl=”0″ ]

Power-Naps and Sleep-Ins (audio only versions):

ZEN-MEN Medi-X Power-Nap/ Sleep-In are chillaxing 15 minutes for your ears and your mind. They are available in different languages and always come in male and female version for you to choose.

The audio journey includes a special brain tones sequence morphed into the chillout music to maximize possible relaxation and recreation. Tibetan bowls will wake you up again in ZEN style.

The Sleep-In version of the Power-Nap does NOT wake you up again! It’s designed to provide you with a smooth transition into dreamland. Bonne nuit!

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