men from mars

The CD cover of "men from mars"

released 1997

Zen-Men - Men from Mars

MP3 pre-listen:
al - sufi 970
el fuego (Tao Te King mix)
61 cygni
une table à trois feat. Caroline, [Lyrics]
ju ju zara

4 thoughts on “men from mars

  1. yann

    I never buy any albums from artists, even from my favorite ones. But i bought this one on virginmega online, you caught all of my attention with just “el fuego” i can tell you this unusual. I can’t wait to listen to it, in few minutes 🙂

    1. Chris Post author

      Thank you, patzen! Actually, there was never a “trote king” version of it. It was just a typo from the record company back then. The proper name was (and is) “Tao Te King” remix 🙂 namaste


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