Medi-X vol.001

CD Cover of Medi-X vol.001 by ZEN-MEN
released 2008

Zen-Men - Medi-X vol.001

MP3 pre-listen:
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Medi-X by ZEN-MEN:
After years of preparation and research, deep insights into the Solar System surrounding Planet Earth, the first Volume of the series “Medi-X” by ZEN-MEN was created in 2008.

All 12 tracks contain frequencies of the Earth’s magnetic field. Harmonics, Tempi and more are according to the movements of the planets in the solar system. Each instrument has been carefully fine tuned to an old tuning/ scaling system which was still in “sync” with the measurable cosmic rules/ movements.
The title lengths are 5:00 minutes exactly and can be used as a clock replacement or enhancement in a therapeutic environment. A whole Volume of „Medi-X” has an exact running time of one hour.

The Ear, a highly specialised Media (Latin: medium = middle, middle point), transmits the perceptions of the outside world into the high speed network of the central nervous system (CNS). The connection of the transmission of sound AND equilibrium (balance) information by the vestibulocochlear nerve (also known as the auditory or acoustic nerve) can make us “listen up”. One could name music also as an electric power generator, in the truest sense of the word. Sound waves float through the fluid-filled spiral organ (cochlea) of the inner ear – the excited nerve cells convert the received signals into electrical impulses. Music perception is one of the most demanding activities for the brain. The analysis of rhythm, melodies and harmonies require a lot of “processing power” to make music out of it. The simultaneous search and presentation of experiences, emotions – in connection to the music – as the subjective evaluation of the heard, is done automatically. New nerve connections can arise, known to be strengthened. Music, a neural fireworks.

“We are all instruments endowed with feeling and memory. Our senses are so many strings that are struck by surrounding objects and that also frequently strike themselves.” written by Denis Diderot, French philosopher in the year 1769.
Musical sounds produce fine vibrations which travel as wave movements through the body and can reach the cellular level. Physical and psychological tensions can be eased, harmonic music helps to release tension and can stimulate the brain to set body internal neurotransmitters free. Bringing the brain to its “alpha” state is possible – relaxation exercises and meditation are known to produce those brain waves from about 8 to 12 Hz.

Research in the Chrono medicine show the importance of the “internal clock”. The rhythm of the internal clock (suprachiasmatic nucleus/ SCN) can be influenced positively by the heard music. Revitalizing resonance phenomena can arise in the body, it becomes possible to re-harmonize the body/ biological rhythm. The rhythm of breathing and sleeping, recovery phases of the body can be re-adjusted.

“Form follows function” – a recognition of the architect Louis Sullivan in 1896. ZEN-MEN – as sound architects – construct Medi-X as a “feedback loop”, a self-regulated cycle of stimulation (music) and response (human).

Vol.101: Ambient version of Vol.001, soft to minimal rhythm
Applications Vol.001:
e.g.: Cardio/ Ergometer Training, Wellness workout, Power Yoga, etc 
Applications Vol.101:

e.g.: SPA, Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, etc

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