CD cover AlphawaveZ by ZEN-MEN
released 2006

ZEN-MEN - AlphawaveZ

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This is a *very* special ZEN-MEN production. AlphawaveZ is a 45 minutes journey for the human brain. The so-called Alpha waves have a frequency range from approximately 8 to 12Hz. Since the 1970s the knowledge about our brain waves has been REdiscovered and made public in the western hemisphere. The New Age movement called it Bio- or Neurofeedback, the eastern hemisphere already knew about it for a long time – Alpha waves can increase while practising Yoga or ZEN.
These brainwaves are known for calming down, relaxing, building a bridge between conscious- and unconsciousness, healing and balancing the mind-body connection. AlphawaveZ contains tone-sweeps, so called “sirens”. These sirens allow the human brain to extract missing frequencies; it is known that high-frequency content REloads the human brain with energy. Birdsong at sunrise is a good example…
As AlphawaveZ contains a huge frequency range, we recommend that it should be listened to with high quality headphones or on a full range system. Enjoy the walk on your unique path to your true source of life. Allow your higher-self to REmind you where you come from and why you are reading this characters. It was *you* who wrote this letter to yourself.
~nada brahma~

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  1. deborah valentine says:

    I first heard the full version on Second Life


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