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ZEN-MEN on Little Buddha

The Cover of the Little Buddha Bar CD

Little Buddha by Sam Popat

Once more a ZEN-MEN track was chosen for a Buddha Bar Compilation. This time it’s the track “I fly by” feat. Nienna Arien. The “Little Buddha” is a one CD compilation, more club stylish made by DJ Sam Popat.

The meeting in May 2008, in the Buddha Bar Paris, can be simply described as: *hot*

Little Buddha by Sam Popat

Zen-Men - Little Buddha by Sam Popat

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News from 2005 to 2008

  • 200711: fine review of “2512-Christmas” at Christmasreviews.com
  • 200704: B2B; NZB Neue Zürcher Bank chooses ZEN-MEN for new AudioPresentation/ PhoneSystem production
  • 200703: working on various new projects, including new trax for the next album
  • 200702: B2B; Sage bäurer updates its AudioPresentation/ PhoneSystem by ZEN-MEN
  • 200701: B2B; Erdgas Südbayern – ESB – chooses ZEN-MEN for AudioPresentation/ PhoneSystem production
  • 200612: ZEN-MEN for DRAENERT – special production for IMM-2007
  • 200611: ZEN-MEN feat. Paul Baekelandt – “Sitar25” production for Klassik Lounge Werk5
  • 200610: ZEN-MEN – “2512-Christmas” and www.X-MAS-LOUNGE.de
  • 200608: ZEN-MEN at DesignKlicks at SPIEGEL ONLINE
  • 200607: final release of “you are home” CD 🙂 [CD as PDF]
  • 200606: licencing request for ZEN-MEN “el fuego(Tao Te King mix)” for the special 10 years of Abstrait DVD
  • 200605: working on next project, Saxophon recordings with Gaby Schenke
  • 200605: finalising Artwork for ZEN-MEN – “you are home” album for CD production
  • 200604: special production “ZEN-MEN for Life Ball 2006″ 30 min. through the worlds of Operettas & ZEN-MEN for the ~red carpet~ – [PDF]
  • 200604: ZEN-MEN feat. Isgaard – “day by day (reprise)” on the upcoming Klassik Lounge Werk 4
  • 200601: Mastering of PORSCHE DESIGN – soundscapes P’0001
  • 200601: special production and mastering of “ZEN-MEN for ligne roset – shapes of passion. Vol.1″
  • 200512: production of “ZEN-MEN feat. DJ Jondal – live your dream”, special vocal recordings in Bahlmoud’s “Stone corner