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DJ Jondal and ZEN-MEN on demand shop

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We are happy to announce the new DJ Jondal and ZEN-MEN on demand shop in cooperation with Merkando. High quality articles with stunning DJ Jondal and ZEN-MEN textures will enrich your daily life. Wonderful tools for your relaxation and a fine chillout!

Wir freuen uns, den neuen DJ Jondal und ZEN-MEN on demand Shop in Kooperation mit Merkando ankündigen zu können. Artikel in hoher Qualität mit atemberaubenden Motiven bereichern Ihr tägliches Leben. Wunderbare Werkzeuge für Ihre Entspannung und einen feinen Chillout!

DJ Jondal and ZEN-MEN on demand shop

Medi-X review in Zeitenwende Magazin

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Medi-X by ZEN-MEN got a fine review in the German magazine Zeitenwende. Thank you!

Welcome in space! 2CDs with 12 tracks each. All tracks are exactly 5 minutes in length and contain frequencies of the magnetic field of the Earth. “Harmonics, Tempi and more are according to the movements of the planets in the solar system. Each instrument has been carefully fine tuned to an old tuning/ scaling system which was still in “sync” with the measurable cosmic rules/ movements.”

What the ZEN-MEN present here, is an interessting mixture of different electronic sounds. Here and there it seems like Kraftwerk has a finger in the pie, some reminds of Craig Armstrong, and when the singing bowl gets hit, you can even see it floating through outer space. Rhytmical pieces with very catchy melodies can also be heard. Overall, very beautiful and meditative chillout music.

The exact title lengths make “Medi-X” interesting for the use in a therapeutic environment. From each sold CD a 1 Euro donation goes to the benefit of the SOS Kinderdorf e.V.”

Zeitenwende Magazin
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